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Discussion in 'Rules, News and More' started by StryGuardian, Sep 16, 2017.

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    Sep 11, 2017
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    Forums rules will be changed and added to over time so please check back when changes are made so that you can stay informed and help us create a vibrant and respectful community here at FlixForums.

    1. No spam of any kind. Any spam, advertising or irrelevant posts, will be immediately removed. As a member of FlixForums, we ask that any sign of spam be reported quickly so that it can be obliterated.

    2. Treat each other with respect and courtesy. Flaming, personal attacks and name calling are not allowed here. We follow the "agree to disagree" model so that everyone here can enjoy a friendly and supportive community. No one wants to visit a hostile place filled with toxic people.

    3. Foul language is allowed on these forums, but please refrain from overuse. Sometimes the best word to use in a scenario is vulgar and contains four letters, but sometimes it's best to find alternate language.

    4. Do not spam fellow forum members through the conversation system. This system is in place for members to talk privately as friends and not a tool for harassment. Anyone abusing the conversation system will be dealt with swiftly. Also, do not click any links received through the conversation system unless you know and trust the member sending it.

    5. Media uploads are encouraged, but do not post lewd, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate content on this site. Image uploads are welcome and video uploads are allowed; however, due to storage space limitations, video uploads must be a maximum of 50 MB in size. If you would like to share a video larger than this limit, please upload it to video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and embed the video instead.

    6. If you are linking an image in a post, please make sure the image is no wider than 1000 pixels. This keeps the forum looking neat and tidy. If you would like to post an image wider than 1000 pixels, please upload the image as an attachment to your post.
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